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What Is Local SEO

Local SEO Matters Even For Non-Local Businesses…

SEO has three different scopes: national, local, and international. Each scope has nuances that must be accounted for in the SEO optimization strategy. This article will look specifically at Local SEO. To begin this journey let’s start with Google My Business. Each search engine offers perks that allow you to claim digital property that the search engines will recognize. For Google that’s Google My Business. Even if you are not a “local” brick and mortar business, you want to claim your listing and optimize it for Search Engines.

But first, let’s take one step back and talk about a misconception of Local SEO. Local SEO seems to imply it’s the physical business that customers walk into to buy products and services and while there is some truth to that, Local SEO is just as important for Free Lancers, Consultants, Professionals, and businesses that have a larger footprint than their zip code or state. Having a physical presence can legitimize the work-from-home professional. With the co-working era of shared office spaces, a physical address in a specific zip code can add to your reputation.

You could very well be a local business with international clients. The world is more connected now than ever but having a local presence can give credibility to a business that a PO Box does not lend itself, too. Geo-location-based search results will show results relative to your location. You may very well want to optimize a page to take advantage of that.

Your free Google listing is waiting for you to claim at Google My Business. Google will even showcase your listing and give extra digital space to local businesses that are relevant for the search query.

Clean Up Your Business Citations In Directories

Yelp, Google Local, Angie’s List, those are some well-known directories. But did you know many industries have credible directories that you could list your business in? It’s not unusual to be able to list your business in 50 relevant industry and local directories. These directories are not only part of your backlink strategy, Google and other search engines look to credible directories as data aggregators that help them identify legitimate businesses from those that are no longer active or not legitimate. But there is a problem with listing and that is many times something as insignificant as spelling Street Road versus Street Rd, becomes problematic.

Consistent NAP is what the search engines are looking for. That’s Name, Address, Phone Number. Keeping 50 directories up to date can be a tedious task and then waiting weeks for them to accept your change or add you to the directory, then validating that it was done correctly … it’s not fun. That’s where a tool comes in and it’s part when you are doing Local SEO, these tools are just part of the business operating expense unless you have outsourced your local SEO to a consultant or agency.  You can check how you are listed in key directories by using our Directory Listing Tool. It’s free. The report will show you how you are listed in the top directories and it will show you which listings you still need to claim.

Atlanta Tech Village


Local SEO Content

Content that indicates you are a member of the community. Your Content Marketing Strategy is not 100% about promoting products and services; some of your content needs to lean toward what’s going on in your community. Also, it’s great to showcase customers, employees, and local events. This content is strategically woven into your content marketing strategy along with things like special interests and even hobbies. For the small business and large ones that know how to do social marketing right, it’s essential to put the human connection aspect into perspective. All business is H2H rather than B2B and B2C.  This is one place where the small business and entrepreneur can outshine the typical Fortune 500 company. Find about my new co-working adventures in the Atlanta Tech Village; one of the top co-working tech hubs in the Metro Atlanta Area.

Online Review Matter

Online reviews come up in searches and the typical site such as Yelp, Google Review, Facebook Reviews, Amazon Reviews can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Review Campaigns are important to invite happy customers to share their experience online. But it is equally important to respond respectfully to negative reviews.