Regarding cheap seo: card reading good work ain't cheap.

Avoid Cheap SEO & Black Hat SEO

Cheap SEO, Black Hat SEO, Backlinks …

While doing keyword research for my site, I noticed there were quite a few searches for cheap SEO services and I learned there was a forum that actually promoted Black Hat SEO practices such as private networks for backlinks. These are two approaches to SEO services that I highly recommend legitimate businesses stay away from. Affordable SEO services will offer SEO packages that are designed to grow your business at the best price while cheap SEO will waste money and time.

Before I got into SEO, I was learning more about marketing in general. That’s when I joined a group that was supposed to help entrepreneurs learn online marketing skills. One of leading members was a person who made quite a bit of money in affiliate marketing using Black Hat SEO tactics. In fact, he was offering to sell a monthly subscription for cheap SEO-ready blog content and backlinks from his super secret closed network of 100+ sites. I was surprised because nothing about this offer sounded ethical.

It didn’t take long before I realized this group was not operating on the up-and-up. While duplicate content, generic content, and poorly written content are not against Google’s terms of service, they will not get benefit from their SEO efforts. However, purchasing backlinks and posting to backlink directories is against Google’s terms of service. White Hat SEO is truly a skill that combines Affordable Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing because technical SEO only works when combined with a good content marketing strategy.

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Guarding Against Damaging Backlinks

Monitoring backlink health is part of the continuous SEO strategy along with link building, optimizing the site, and creating relevant content. Did you know that an unethical competitor can purchase these damaging backlinks and point them to your site? It’s hard to believe that people are willing to become so petty in business. Obviously, they don’t know about bad karma.

In order to combat this backlinking behavior, Google doesn’t look at quantity as much as it looks at quality and links from unreputable or secret sites in a closed network will hurt your rankings. Here is the link you need to learn how to disavow these damaging backlinks: Google’s Instructions To Disavow Backlinks (it opens in a new tab).

Google made over 500 updates to its algorithm last year. It’s getting smarter and smarter with the goal to provide legitimate and valuable content to search visitors. Why? Because the more you trust them, the more you will turn to them when you are searching for something. The more you will see those bad ads at the top of the search pages and 20% of the search traffic means money in Google’s pocket. For that model to work, organic searching plays a big role in establishing Google’s credibility as the premium search provider.

5-Dollar Tricks are not SEO

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But now let’s talk about cheap SEO services. You can go to Fiverr and find a cheap person who can do a few technical tricks and hacks and get your site to rank for words that no one is searching for or in the top 100 sites for words that are too competitive which means they should not have been included in your SEO strategy. Do you ever wonder how anyone can promise to get your site ranking in the first, second of third position of the first page of Google?

The truth is no one can legitimately make that kind of promise for terms with high volumes of traffic. Getting on the first page takes strategy, effort, and time. Progress occurs in increments and the first part is assuring your site is performing and healthy according to Google but that’s just the technical part of SEO.

If you register a new domain without privacy features, almost immediately, your email inbox will be attacked by overseas web developers and SEO specialist from certain parts of the world. They are probably proficient at technical SEO but SEO Marketing is more than just a technical exercise.

Good Day Madam, my name is Seoguy. I see you have a new website and I can get your site ranking very hi in Gugle.

While I know these individuals are just trying to make a living, these unsolicited emails drive me crazy. Anyone who has to scrape the domain registry’s site for new domain contact info as part of their business outreach strategy is not someone I want to do business with.

Outsource SEO The Right Way

Outsourcing SEO is very common,  and for many businesses, it’s a smart move. After all, SEO Marketing is a professional service. Affordable services range in price depending on the keywords, competitiveness, the maturity of your site, its current performance, and your current level of marketing success.  I used to wonder why certain services were priced the way they are, but as I got deeper into the online world, I realized the professional uses an assortment of tools and skills to get the job done.

You may be a DIY kind of person, in which case, just be prepared to pay monthly fees for an assortment of tools. If you have marketing staff with the skills, they will need the tools, also. There’s no getting around it, DIY of DFY services in the field of SEO marketing are not synonymous with cheap.

Go for affordable SEO services instead, they will pay for themselves and help you grow your business exponentially over time.

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