Atlanta Tech Village

Atlanta Tech Village; My Home Away From Home

I’ve worked from my home office for more than 10 years and while I love sharing an office with two cats, I decided it was time to have an office space where I could see lovely faces without whiskers. 


Yes, I leave my furry office mates two or three times a week to fend for themselves as I head off to my home away from home at the Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead. I have a few business meetings in Buckhead so I maximize my time when I make the commute. My husband is happy that I can talk tech stuff with someone else besides him. The cats ... they don't even pretend to listen ... they just ignore me ... but the hubby, he listens or at least he appears to 🙂



I have been in the Georgia for more than 10 years and I still can’t figure out the traffic. It seems that no matter what time you leave out, even on the weekends, you are subject to hit traffic jams. Despite my resistance to drive 20 miles to an office, I decided it was important to be around business people and especially around people who were into technology. I spent 25+ years in Corporate around the techies but when I retired, suddenly I found there was a void that I needed to feel. My husband laughs because he knows more about SEO, GDPR Privacy law, and WordPress plugins that he ever wanted to know. I decide to do us both a favor and get an office at the Atlanta Tech Village.

You can’t imagine how exciting it was, there are lots of millenials and the entrepreneurial spirit is on fire. Atlanta is the the top five tech hub and Atlanta Tech Village is the 4th largest tech space in the US. More than a few than a Atlanta startups have made their mark on the world like Mailchimp, Calendly, and of course there’s Pardot which sold for $95 million which is how the founder,  David Cumming, financed ATV and is now a investing in other startups. 

When I first began my career as a young programmer analyst out of college some 25+ years ago, I worked for Ford but there was this start-up feel to our team. We were young, excited, and full of pranks. We worked together and we partied together. We did amazing work together and I remained friends with some of those people even to this day. I’ve had those kinds of experiences on more than a few occasions and honestly, those were some of my fondest corporate memories.  

The preview

Of what was to come

I remember the December 2017 when I toured Facebook headquarter in Austin Texas while taking Facebook Ads Account ManagerTraining with DWM. I thought to myself, wow, it must be awesome working is a place like this. Little did I know that almost six months later, I would be working in a very similar environment. ATV is not the headquarters of a Fortune 500 company but a startup tech hub. It is ran by a small team and houses 300+ Startups, a number of service companies, a small number of Fortune 500 Sponsors, and Venture Capitalist. 

It is a place where people come to launch their dreams and getting kicked out means you have outgrown the place either in terms of employees or income. They throw you a party, the community comes to celebrate your victory, and they kick you out… to make room for the next round of start-ups that want a shot at their dreams, too.

Facebook HQ, Austin

Atlanta Tech Villiage Co-Working Office Space