About the company

Ta OM Lifestyle, LLC is the parent company behind both 3Hellos.com and The-SEO.Company. Both sites are focused on marketing for small businesses. 

Robin Harris, Founder, worked in Corporate for Fortune 500 Companies for 25+ years before retiring. Her interest in technology began in high school and started with her first job in college where she worked for GM as a computer technician at the age of 17 while attending college on scholarship. She obtained in BA in Computer Science and began her career as a programmer Analyst with Ford Motor Company. In the late 80’s, her interests were expanded into the Internet and soon online technologies became her passion. She began creating courses online and exploring new technologies for content delivery in the early 90’s. Back then, video conferences and platforms were expensive and the User eXperience left much to be desired. As technologies began to evolve, they became more affordable, reliable, and accessible. Robin saw the future she was hoping for come to fruition.

Robin obtained her Masters in Education with a specialization in Instructional Design. This furthered her interest in creating online learning experiences but her interest was never tilted toward corporate endeavors. Robin was seeking a way to support individuals acquire personal and professional knowledge that would allow them to bring their talents and abilities to the world through entrepreneurship. It soon became apparent that while many naturally developed areas of expertise, the lack of marketing skills limited their success.

The was a barrier that seemed insurmountable and that is what started Robin on the road to learning online marketing skills. 3Hellos.com and The-SEO.Company are dedicated to supporting small businesses, service professionals, and experts create success by leveraging online marketing.

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