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If you are like most small business owners, you are a busy person. Even with a great staff, there are things you can’t delegate. The good news is you don’t have to be a technical wizard to shore up your online marketing strategy. We are a Metro Atlanta SEO Company serving both local and national clients.  By focusing on SEO, Content Marketing, and Compliance, we empower small businesses to reap the financial rewards from online marketing.

SEO Training, Coaching, & Services

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We offer affordable SEO packages and services in two formats, Done-For-You packages and Done-With-You Packages. Done-With-You Packages are coaching/mentoring packages designed for clients who have staff that have certain technical skills already that can easily implement the technical aspects of SEO as well as manage various marketing tasks. Sometimes our clients bring those skills to the table and we coach mentor the client directly, and they train and delegate tasks out as they see fit. But most times, clients comes to us looking for Done-For-You Services. Get detailed information about SEO Packages and Coaching here.

However, in either case, it’s important to know that no online marketer can deliver great results unless the business is engaged. After all, you know your ideal customer, you know what makes your products and services the best fit for them, and you understand the Lifetime Value of your typical customer. When we work with clients, we distill their expertise into content that fuels the rest of their online marketing efforts.  But great content marketing is not enough…

Regarding cheap seo: card reading good work ain't cheap.

Cheap SEO Services

Effective SEO Marketing is better understood as SEO plus Content Marketing. SEO is more than tools, keywords, titles, descriptions, and meta tags on web sites. Black Hat SEOcan deliver quick results but in the end it will cost more. Google penalizes those who try to game the system. A Google Slap is the light side but sites can actually be banned from showing up in Google searches for violating terms of service.

Paid Traffic Versus Organic Traffic

You have to get traffic to your site. Paid ads should not be your main and only source of web site traffic. Organic traffic is a critical part of a sustainable marketing model. Ethical SEO, AKA White HAT SEO, is not as volatile as social media ads. Social media platforms are often forced to change directions in response to a business model that, in fact, offers subscribers’ data as their product. 

While subscribers get access to a “free” platform, they don’t realize their free access is subsidized by paid ads. That revenue model can leave both consumers and advertisers feeling duped. Search Engine ads which only get about 20% of the search traffic while organically ranked sites snatch up the remaining 80%. To rank high in search engines, your site must perform to a certain standard.

SEO Site Audit

Do you want to know the current health-status of your web site? This information will give you a good idea about what needs to be addressed to assure your site is technically ready to gain more organic search engine traffic. An SEO Site Audit looks under the hood of your site to reveal issues that will interfere with your ability to achieve the best search engine ranking. Our system will a FREE audit of your site and give you a summary of key issues that may effect your ability to increase organic traffic. Click the button below to get your free site audit today.

Why Is SEO Marketing Important?


Search Engine Optimization… ever go to Google and search for information, reviews, products and/or services? While there are few slots reserved for paid ads about 80% of the traffic goes to organic links that make it to the top pages. The first page gets most of the traffic and from their the reach and impact declines. Increasing your page rank is what SEO is all about. SEO marketing is a two-sided coin that has a technical side and a content side; refining the performance between the two is optimization. 

It’s rare to get to page one by accident. It’s also harder to claim free organic traffic if you are not on the first page of the search results. SEO is not the quick fix and, admittedly, is not as exciting as spending $1,000 of dollars on Facebook for immediate traffic but the sustainability factor and investment has a far greater potential to deliver long-term and consistent results.

Our small Business SEO Services are designed for businesses that 

Social marketing has become the new buzz word in online marketing. Yes, you need to be social online to be profitable. Unfortunately, large tech companies have crossed boundaries and raised concerns about privacy. They crossed a line and now we all have to deal with international regulations such as GDPR and state privacy laws that are each trying to reign in the big tech players.

Unfortunately, the small businesses will be greatly impacted to. How? Now online marketing should be called consent marketing. Getting people to opt-in to marketing means that most people are opting out. The technical solutions to manage these opt-out solutions are costs that are now incurred by the business. Penalties of ignoring privacy laws may not put billion dollar tech businesses out of business, but it can destroy a small business.

Facebook’s business model is going to be challenged by GDPR and already they are passing these challenges on to their advertisers. Did you know that you have to certify you have explicit consent to use your email list for custom audiences? While we don’t know how they are going to require businesses to prove consent, the problem is most businesses can’t prove it. Getting users to consent to remarketing is not always easy. After all, who really wants to be marketed to? The WIIFM factor is not encouraging. 

When a person is actively searching online for a solution to problem that you can solve, they are not trying to avoid you … in fact, they are trying to find you. The question is will they find you? SEO has a technical component to it that is about your website being in good health and meeting search engine standards so that they show your site when the visitor searches for something you offer but that’s just half the story.

Even if a visitor lands on your page, if the content is not optimized to get them to take the next action that leads them into your sales pipeline, they will move on. Getting the content right is a bit of art and science but it’s mostly getting clear about what the visitor is looking for, why, and how you can support them.

Most SEO Experts are not Content Marketing Strategists. While we officially call ourselves The SEO Company, content is our strong suit. It’s our roots. We can help you get your market message right and deliver it at the right time to the right person.

Of course you could hire one our two people to manage technical SEO, Content Creation, and Social Marketing … but the question is … do you want to?  Depending on your business model, it may make sense to hire in-house or it may make sense to engage a consultant. 

I’d like to tell you that we do all things related to online marketing, but we don’t. We specialize in SEO & Content Marketing for blogs and social media, and compliance. I know compliance is not sexy, it’s just one of those things anyone putting up a web site or connecting with customers on social media needs to deal with.

Every business has unique needs that will influence their choices. Sometimes it is helpful to talk it through and explore options you may not have considered. Just like you, we’re a business and we know that we are not positioned to serve everyone that walks through our virtual door. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation, we can discuss your situation and determine what a next step for you might look like, even if that does not include working with us.

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While all of this information is designed to be of value, sometimes it’s just best to speak with someone. Schedule a free 30-consultation with us and get all of your questions answered.

The New CONSUMER Model

Online Research

The First Impression

Chances are, even if you are a brick and mortar business, your potential customer goes online to find out more about you before calling or coming it. The first impression you make may be with your online web presence and if all is well, the visitor will take the next step. But if your online presence is not a good user experience, that visitor will leave and never return. 

SEO is about making sure the question that is on their mind when they search or put in your web site URL gets answers to their satisfaction. 

Keyword Research

Do you know what terms they would use? Finding out exactly what your ideal customer is searching for is where keyword research comes in. This is one of the most important activities required to optimize your site. But on of the more difficult activities that also has to be tackled is link building. When credible sites link to your pages, the relationship boosts your site authority. 

Technical SEO + Content Marketing

SEO marketing is about meeting the technical requirements to be found by the people searching. But it also requires content marketing to ensure that your content delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time. It’s pretty simple when you think of it that way. But of course, simple is not the same thing as easy. 

Search Engine Optimization is not a quick-fix solution but the long-term pay-off can take your business to the next level. There is no one-hit-wonder in marketing; SEO is just one piece of the puzzle and it can work well with paid advertising to deliver both quick and long-term results.

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about seo

SEO is inbound marketing. 

It works very well for businesses that are very clear about what makes their ideal customer ideal. What problems, pain, desires are driving potential customers to go online and start searching for a solution. The beauty of SEO is that if your web site pages are optimized for Google, you will be optimized for Bing and Yahoo, also.

Local SEO

Local SEO has a slightly different set of requirements due to how search engines present searchers with data that is location based. If you search for something in one specific geo-location, it is likely that some of the results will be relative to your current location. I just did a search for Longhorn’s near me and yes, the one 3 miles showed up while the one 10 miles did not.

Also, directory listings play an important role in search results as well as review sites such as yelp. Local SEO is essential for local businesses that don’t want to lose business to the nearby local competitor.

On Page SEO

Google and other search engines index and rank pages not “web sites”. Site speed is a “gotcha” because sites that are not mobile responsive or are slow will be penalized. 

Tags properly identify the Title, the page description, and organize data in a way that makes it readable … H1, H2, H3 tags helps readers navigate content based on the headers. Then there is the content itself. 

Content Marketing

Content needs to be optimized to align with search terms. But stuffing or overusing terms will result in a poor User eXperience (UX) and Google is also monitoring UX. On Page SEO is both technical and experiential.

While content can meet all the technical requirements, the final litmus test is the UX. If the users quickly abandons the page because it failed to deliver on what was promised by the search, they will bounce… meaning leave quickly. 

Time spent on a page and navigating to new pages within a site is a good indication that the content is meeting the user’s expectations. At least that’s the theory. 

However, there is one more thing site owners need to design, engaging content for visitor intent with appropriate calls-to-action. Site pages should be strategically designed to lead the visitor to take action.


SEO marketing is only one part of a holistic marketing plan. For some businesses, it could be a major source of traffic that attracts ideal customers but for others it's a only a small piece of a bigger puzzle. To determine where SEO fits into your marketing approach we need to strategy. The marketing strategy outlines the "what" while the tactics drill down into the how.

What makes sense for one business may be the wrong approach for another business. I invite you to complete to schedule an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your business needs further... and I promise, this won't be a sales call. 

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BA in Computer Sci, Masters in Education, Instructional Design. Worked in IT for 25+ years with companies such as IBM, ADP, Chase, Ford, General Motors, and Blue Cross.  She loves the internet and tech gadgets. She is addicted to shopping on Amazon. Loves anime cartoon,  in fact, she is a film producer currently has a global team in UK working on Animation Project. She is an award-winning screen-play writer. She loves working with Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.  She has an awesome husband and two-fur babies. She makes her home in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Robin Harris, SEO Consultant

Personal Note From Robin: I come from a large family, I was raised a Preacher’s Kid, I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister. My service is to help people bring their gifts fully into the world. I feel the Internet is a game changer and allows so many to share their gifts with the world. Keeping it open and free is important because when used responsibly, it allows us to do good and to prosper. I am here to serve … it is my honor and my privilege to do this work. 

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